Since 1981...

Bursa Kocamanlar Seafood is a seafood restaurant that serves fresh tastes away from the seaside with years of knowledge.

With the slogan "Fish on the dinner table, health for the whole family";

It aims to endear the youngest to the oldest member of the family to the fish, to consume more fish and to gain healthy eating habits.

Our company, which serves in different locations, has all kinds of seafood. In addition to main menus fried and grilled fish, we serve original delicacies such as steamed, sea bass in salt, trout stew, shrimp stew, shrimp sauté, shrimp cold cuts, fried calamari, steamed cream, fried tongue and fish soup as well.

“Whether raw or cooked”

You can choose your fish from the stalls that and take it home, or we can cook the fish that you choose and you can take it home, and we keep serving with a quality service approach...



Delicious and short orders for your guests.